Denver Theosophical Society



 All meetings are open to the public.  There is no cost, but we appreciate donations to help defray venue expense.  

Location unless otherwise stated:

Englewood Public Library, 1000 Englewood Pkwy, Englewood, CO 80110

Our upcoming events are designed to give attendees a broad and thoughtful exposure to the teachings of modern theosophy, in a way that is immediately useful in everyday  life. 


Wed, January 17, 2018, 7:00 pm (Perrin Room)

Opening our Heart and Wisdom Centers through Meditation
Have you been meditating but aren't sure you are doing it right? Are you a long-time meditator but still struggling with shifting consciousness? Have you never meditated before and are too intimidated to start?  Set your best intentions of the highest self and begin your year with ideas for a strong practice.  (Program will be preceded by a brief presentation about recent service projects of The Theosophical Order of Service.)

Facilitated by Ron Liggett, a meditation teacher in the Denver/Metro area and co-founder of the largest metaphysical center in the US during the 1970s. Out of his experience as a teacher, minister and student of the Ageless Wisdom teachings, Liggett offers insights on meditation strategies to support our daily practices and to live our heart-wisdom.

Wed, February 21, 2018, 7:00 pm (Anderson Room)

Universal Truth
It is common to hear people refer to "speaking their truth."  But if "my truth" differs from "your truth," then aren't we really speaking of our own unique perceptions?  How fully can we know Truth?  Tonight we'll discuss universal truths--those truths which can best be known deep within each of us. 

Our discussion will include:
The fundamental Unity of Life; 
The Great Illusion - the personal self; 
The Cyclical Nature of Life - reincarnations; 
The Law of Karma; 
The Human Condition; and 
The Three Truths of Theosophy.

​Wed, March 21, 2018, 7:00 pm (Perrin Room)

Exploring Human Dimensions: Children and Youth with Special Skills

25 centuries ago the Delphic oracle advised the inquirer "Know Thyself." Today, this knowledge is as necessary as ever. Who are we? Are we limited to our body, emotions and mind, or there is a higher nature in us? This program will address some of these questions by focusing on the children who seem to be coming into this world with special skills and more developed psychic abilities than others. Who are these children, and how do we as parents, grandparents, and fellow theosophists support children who are sometimes called Indigo Children or the Children of Now?

Wed, April 18, 2018, 7:00 pm (Perrin Room)

Special Event with International Speaker Terry Hunt: 

I Am the Prodigal Son

• The relationship of spirit and matter

• Why do we suffer so much in life?

• What is the purpose of living on earth?

• How can we understand how life works?

• The constitution of man

• How do we achieve enlightenment?

• What is our ultimate goal? 

​Terry is co-author of the book, Ancient Wisdom for a New Age:  A Practical Guide for Spiritual Growth, and he lectures internationally for the Theosophical Society.

Wed, May 9, 2018, 7:00 pm (Perrin Room)

Film presentation (in English with subtitulos en Español ): The Mahatmas and Their Letters.  The film takes a fascinating look at events surrounding mysterious documents from the 19th century commonly referred to as the "Mahatma Letters," and their impact on Western esoteric philosophy. 

This event has been postponed--stay tuned; new date to be announced. 

Active Meditation:  Insights from Nature.   An experiential activity with the hidden side of nature.  Includes a 10 minute walk up a trail in Crescent Meadows to an area with wildflowers, rocks and a few trees with a view of high mountain peaks.